Why Head Turbans Can Be Very Useful

By Freda Watts

Head turbans have been worn for a few thousand years, especially by men. They are most popular in Asia and also in Africa. They are usually worn by noblemen and occasionally women do too after hair loss. They are common among religious people, particularly Sikhs and Muslims.

Sikhs wear turbans as a mark of respect towards their god, they also wear them to prevent sand from getting in their hair. Catholics, Hindus and Jews sometimes wear head gear too but only when they are in a church. Sikhs however, wear them all the time because they believe that God is everywhere. It also help Sikhs to distinguish themselves from other members of the population. They don't cover their beards because it is easy to keep them clean.

The head scarves was originally worn to mark a person's higher class, they were called leaders. It distinguished them from people of the lower class. Later, this was changed and everyone wore them and this got rid of class distinctions. Every Sikh was names Singh or Kaur too, creating even greater equality.

There are no special rules governing the colour of turbans. Blue is most common among young people, while older Sikhs tend to prefer white. Red and green is usually avoided. The main reason for wearing a head covering is to protect the hair, so the colour is not important at all, each person can decide on the colour for himself.

Sikhs don't cut their hair because they believe it is a gift from God. They want to live in the way God made them and respect what they have been given, so cutting their hair would contradict that. Some people think that if you don't cut your hair, then it will just grow and grow. But Sikhs say that the hair, eyebrows and beard stop growing at a certain length because the body knows when to grow and shed it's hair.

Having long hair can benefit your health. It can act as a cover against ultra violet rays from the sun, stopping illnesses such as skin cancer. It can also stop you from getting too hot in the Summer or too cold in the Winter because it creates layer of air between the head and the hair.

Turbans have been worn in many European countries for hundreds of years. However, they have never really become very popular. In the United Kingdom, they are worn mainly as a fashion statement rather because of any particular faith. It is more common to wear hats in Europe.

People who have had chemotherapy in order to fight cancer wear turbans. This is because their treatment has lead to hair loss. It is especially true of women but men are usually more comfortable with baldness. It's also common for cancer patients to wear baseball hats, caps and night scarves.

Head turbans have been controversial. A football authority in Canada banned players from wearing them during matches due to safety concerns. However, the banned was overturned but if players wear head coverings then they need to be the same colour as their shirts to prevent confusion.

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