Hmong Earrings Will Give You The Best Look

By Freda Watts

It is amazing to know that Hmong earrings are indeed handmade. On hearing this, most people do not believe it. It is inconceivable how these beautifully structured pieces of jewels could be handmade. These earrings are made from silver, copper, aluminum or a mixture of the three added some nickel mixed with charcoal.

This mixture is melt in a forge and poured into a terracotta container to cool and solidify. It is then hammered and stretched into thin strings using pliers and cut to small pieces. The small pieces are then attached and soldered together into the desired shape.

One then attaches small beads on these pieces of rings by hand giving the earring a very fine appearance. They are then washed with a tamarind solution before rinsing in water. One then polishes the ornaments giving them a sparkling shine. They are then decorated with 5-petal flower, bird or farming tool picture.

These jewels come in all shapes and sizes. There are those that bear question mark shapes, spirals, circles and crescents, little handbags or small bells. The size of the rings that a Hmong woman wears reflects her affluence and wealth. Those with a small budget are content with miniature, aluminum-made ornaments. Wealthy women on the other hand, wear big, white and silver rings. During special occasions however, this rule of affluence is violated. All women wear the biggest that they can buy or borrow. Apart from being a symbol of affluence and wealth, these are worn to defend the women from mysterious illnesses and evils!

These decorative earrings are not only available to Asian women but can be accessed by anyone on order. They can be shipped from Asia to your destination within a very short time. The shipping costs depend on the weight of the these ornaments that you are shipping.

Payment methods depend on the company you are buying the beauty products from. If you are not content with the rings that you get, you can return them and your money will be refunded. Any complaints you make about the jewels you bought will also be addressed.

The good thing about these jewels is that they can be worn even by people with allergies towards copper or aluminum. The alloy mixture of some ornaments makes this possible. People with allergy towards copper may find that the alloyed copper and aluminum will not affect them.

Those who have ever worn these jewels praise them. The delivery services are always fast and reliable. The prices they are sold at are also relatively fair. The appealing, sleek yet ethnic rings will surely accentuate your beauty.

With Hmong earrings, you do not have to look for any other pair of earrings. They will surely do for you. Contact the providing companies and you will never regret.

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