Take It Back: The Sixties

By Sisi Tsoi

Controlled, rakish and formed or ethereal, delicate and nimble, regardless of what your style, the swinging 60s will rouse you. If there is one word that could possibly sum up the sixties it must be, on-going. If you're more fascinated by what the film stars wore or what the musical performers were shaking, the 60s was a period of extraordinary form and fun.

The Beatles rose to popularity and Rosemary's Baby was released, if there weren't two more conspicuous and different crossroads in design history we don't realise what else could be. Mia Farrows' pixie haircut partnered with a fabulous cluster of subside collars, botanical robes and a cap collection so extensive it could equal Justin Biebers, we can disregard the fact its a grisly flick and concentrate on what's truly significant, the dresses. Despite the fact that they were an all male band, The Beatles were answerable for a portion of the incredible fashion highlights of the 60s. Provided that it wasn't their adaptability and liquid approach to sexuality with respect to style, it was their capability to depict a feeling of pride over a gender ambiguous and supple look.

Uncovering a vintage style sixties dress is may be around the most testing of assignments yet also energizing shopping excursions you might ever be faced with. Britain in the 60s was about the mods and the rockers, short dresses, check print and sharp weaves, where as over the lake in America and parts of Europe, the look was uncommonly dainty and unreservedly vivacious. Once you've picked what 60s look you're endeavouring to channel whilst wearing your vintage style dress, your errand will be considerably less challenging.

Pleated skirts and knitted jumpers for the evening when you're wrapping up warm and pretty paisley and plaid vintage style dresses for when you're out and about during the day. Both outfits can be coupled with a pair of super sweet Mary Janes or a simple pair of ballerina flats. If you'd like to gravitate towards the ethereal hippie look taking the world by storm over in America, a pair of patterned bell bottoms with thick platforms can give you height and slim out your silhouette, add a wide brimmed fedora and you're sorted! Woodstock here you come!

New York or London, paying little mind to where you're taking motivation from, shake a 60s vintage style dress and you're wearing it with the style we know you have!

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