Funny Iphone Apps 2013 That Will Raise A Smile

By Freda Watts

There have been many funny iPhone apps 2013. These applications are designed to put a smile to the end user's face and to relive some of the drudgery and boredom that occasionally permeates everyday life. The advent of smartphones has lead to a surge in these types of programs, but, as sometimes happens, there area select few that really stand out.

These days, the programs take full advantage of the cameras features of the iPhone and one of these is the 9GAG application. This allows the user to trawl gallery upon gallery of photos, most of them containing funny pictures that users have sent. For ease of use they are put into categories.

Anyone that has heard of MouthOff knows that it is a fairly simple app that allows the user to animate the mouths of up to 60 people in time with their own speech, so it appears the animated mouth is talking when it is in fact the phone user. Those that think this is a little childish may wish to use the Anchorman Soundboard. It uses quotes from the film 'Anchorman', so anyone with the burning desire to hear Will Ferrell's voice every-time a text message is received is in luck.

The BuzzFeed application is a portal that gathers all the funniest stuff from the World Wide Web all in one place. It is an all-round site that includes videos, jokes, and pictures. The accent is on keeping things topical and that is why it features political jokes as well as funny news from around the globe.

The more mischievous have plenty to chose from too, but the pick of the bunch is an application that records people as they sleep and turns gibberish into meaning. The Sleep Talk Recorder can have all sorts of uses, especially if you fancy humiliating roommates. Place this by their bedside and in the morning not only will it have recorded but it also deciphers what has been said.

Something called Amazing Free Pickup Lines could easily be described as something for the men. It has become extremely popular, mainly because it allows a man to deliver all those cheesy lines that they otherwise might not bother to utter within earshot of a woman. With this application they can recite every line as though it was a joke because the makers created it as a bit of fun and not as the must have accessory for the single man on a night out.

The idea behind FatBooth is to satisfy that aching curiosity some people have to see what their face would like look if they were obese. It comes from the same people that produced Uglybooth and GingerBooth. Another one from the same stable as FatBooth, and perhaps with similar guy appeal, is BaldBooth. Anyone with the burning wish to know exactly what they will look like as a baldy can upload this and get a glimpse into a hairless future, unless they are already bald, of course.

Any article on funny iPhone apps 2013 would be severely lacking without mention of a comedian's app. The Colbert Report and it's show The Word have an application that includes hundreds of clips from the show. Many have enjoyed the show and now many more enjoy the app.

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