The Hottest Trend At The Moment- Vintage Style Dresses

By Sisi Tsoi

Vintage clothing has become such a main stream style nowadays, you really find most fashion high street stores do stock vintage clothing, because it's the trend for the last century or so. The type of clothing you get nowadays in high street stores, mostly are from the ages of the 80s and 90s, which is technically anything made within 30 years, and not really vintage.

There is of course recurrent trend, like a 20s style dress that made in the 80s, like a pretty prom dress made in the 90s, inspired by the 50s. Your expectation of vintage clothing, such as condition of the clothing next to mint is normal. since vintage clothing is in such high demand, so the prices of real vintage is often higher than the current collection of new clothes of the high street. The reason being, the feeling of vintage is to give you the extra edge, which the new seasons collections of mass-produced clothing cannot beat. You will end up wearing the one of a kind item. The thing is, chance for us buying something really one of a kind is small, because some of the vintage clothes were of course also massively produced!

I remember the thrill I get when I am on the chase for a good vintage garment, and the beauty when you discover something next to mint condition for fraction of the price. There are still amazing garments in the market these days. However, I lost count how many times I buy a vintage garment, and ruin it in the wash, or just simply step into my oh so fragile vintage lace slip - and heartaches begin. It's not just that these garments are hand-made, or even home-made; the quality can also be very erratic. The simple fact that these garments are older than me, and yet, I expect it to do as well as the new garment, I suppose is just simply day dreaming.

So here's where vintage style clothing comes in. Recently there is a current heap of site, stores, which are imitating the real vintage clothing, but made in sizes that fit modern women, putting in a zip that works, and fabric that's harder wearing for today's busy, modern women.

So hurrah for vintage style fashion, you won't need to search in vain for the following vintage dress that is going to damage your heart! So go on, be at liberty to search, score the ideal little 50s inspired dress for your heart's desire - and without the massive pay out! .

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