An Unusual Wedding Band For The Bride Or Groom

By Carmella Watts

Cultures all over the world are very different from each other. Habits and tendencies vary greatly. There are however, a few things that are common. One of them is a wedding ceremony. Almost all cultures recognize marriage and a wedding ceremony to signify its beginning. In all these weddings in different cultures there are symbols that represent unity and love between the couple. A ring or band is a commonly used symbol of unification between two people. In an effort to personalize the ring and what it represents, many individuals are now opting to get an unusual wedding band.

Choosing an unusual band is not an easy task. Uniqueness is something that is quite hard to attain nowadays. In order to get the best and most unique ring, you have to be very specific in what you want. There are quite a number of companies that deal with designing and making custom wedding bands. The material used in making a ring is what makes it unique.

There are many choices that are available for an uncommon ring. One of the best choices you can make is going for a metal band. In particular, there are the options of choosing from platinum or titanium made rings. Titanium is very light yet strong metal material that can be made into a variety of shapes depending on client preferences. A titanium ring is very light. Platinum on the other hand is loved for its aging nature. As it grows older, rather than dulling and tarnishing like many metals, it gains a shiny patina.

Double tones are also great choices for those after uniqueness. These are bands that are made using two metals or minerals. In many cases, gold is combined with another metal. It can be combined with tanzanite, blue topaz or diamond.

Otherworldly minerals are other popular materials for making unique bands. These rings are made using materials from outside the earth. These substances may include meteorites and rocks from the moon.

Engraving is another way of establishing style and uniqueness. An Engraved ring tends to create more personalized feelings than a usual ring. One may opt to engrave it with symbols such as a heart or engrave it with the lover's name and initials. The engraving is done either by hand or using a machine.

The other types of unique rings are antique ones and those that are designed according to a certain culture. Antique rings are at times more than a century old and bear designs from decades ago. Culture specific designs are only found in certain cultures.

If you decide to go for a unique band rather than a common one, you should be ready to pay more for it. This is especially so if the ring is made using rare or precious metals such as gold, lunar rocks or diamond. Many people find the high cost of a very unusual wedding band to be worth what it symbolizes. To be sure that you will not lose money for nothing, ascertain that the dealer you are buying the ring from is legit and credible. If it is a designer, he or she should have the necessary skills and expertise for the ring designing job.

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