My Surprise Story

By Nicole White

When you were a child, do you remember how it made you feel to received a gift from your family or friends? That rush of adrenaline and happiness to running through you? That feeling is amazing and is the same exact emotion I felt when my father came home with my kitten.

I was only about 6 years old. Every Saturday morning my Dad would get up early, shower, make coffee and read the newspaper. One morning my Dad was leaving to go to the grocery store and asked me if I wanted anything while he was out. I told him I would just like a pack of bubble gum, as usual. He said okay and so I waited for him to come back home, looking forward to chewing my Bubbalicious chewing gum.

Less than an hour later my Dad came home but it was not with a pack of bubble gum, like I was anticipating. He came home holding an adorable orange and white kitten! I was so shocked that he came home with a kitten. This was a pet I've wanted to have for months! The kitten was perfect, he had a beautifully designed coat. Orange and white stripes going everywhere and he was so friendly.

Of course I totally forgot about the gum because I got a new baby kitten. I named him Ralphy and he was one of the best cats I've ever had. There would be times when I wasn't feeling well and Ralphy would come lay next to my head and knead his paws into my hair. It would feel so good getting a massage on my head and having him purring at the same time. It was a very comforting feeling and that is one reason why I'm such a cat lover.

I will never forget the morning my Dad surprised me with a kitten. It amazes me to this day that I remember that day so vividly. Surprise can be so fun, especially when you get something you've wanted to for a while. The cool thing about surprises is that you can be any age to receive and enjoy them!

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