How To Buy The Best Surprise Gifts For Your Loved One

By Nicole White

If you want to make your girl friend like you more, you could give her surprise gifts every so often. There are many occasions when you can do this and you do not have to give something only when the occasion calls for it. You will get your lady's attention by giving her a surprise box when she least expects it.

You can get some ideas about what to give your girl friend at a surprise store near your home. These outlets are not as easy to find as conventional stores, so you might have a better chance of finding a provider on the Net. Once you find a good source, you can probably make your purchase on their website.

When you find a good site online, ask the service if they can wrap your present and deliver it to your door, or to your loved one's address. A good way to decide about an interesting present is to recall past events with your girl friend or wife. Choose an event in the past that was memorable to both of you and then apply that to your gift.

Recall important dates in the past like the time you went to visit Spain, the Maldives, or Paris. Remember what you ate during your honeymoon trip to an exotic location. You can use the information to come up with a unique present that will remind your partner of those times in the past. If you ate a delicious dish on one of your trips abroad, try to find the recipe and cook it for her.

Recreate these moments by cooking that dish one evening and surprise her with a candlelight dinner. Get her a present that will remind her of a memorable holiday you took several years ago. Scour through the website of a good online store that offers unusual items as presents. An unexpected present should not be your run-of-the-mill item.

Go through old photographs of you and your loved one. Pick a nice image of both of you together and have it printed on something that she can use. If she enjoys drinking coffee a lot, get the picture engraved into a mug. You can also get 12 photos of you together taken at different times and places. Send these images to an online service and have a calendar made using the pictures.

Go through your box of old photos and look for a good picture of the both of you. Scan the photograph into digital form and send it to an artist via email. Have the photo painted into a portrait or charcoal sketch. Make sure that the artist can mail the finished portrait back to you so you can get it framed and wrapped.

Get more ideas online so you can come up with a unique, meaningful and totally unexpected present for your girl. It is fun to plan surprise gifts for someone close to your heart. It shows the effort you put into giving your loved one something out of the ordinary. This beats giving her flowers all the time, or giving her the usual perfume or jewelry. Make your present totally unexpected and unique.

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